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Ranchers are hardy and rough "worker bees", but know their way around a gun. They can breed faster and build and harvest farms faster than any other class. If the player stays in the Rancher tree, they gain boosts to these skills, but if they move for Cowboy or Cavalry classes, they will move towards more Damage output.

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Many families and Ranchers in particular have come the east to build their homes in the west of Helmland, and every one of them is packing.

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The Rancher is the only class capable of crafting Leads for guiding and breeding passive mobs.

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Ranchers a DPS type. They can deal out a lot of Damage with whatever gun they choose, but they are best used with Rifles, or Shotguns.Because of this, players tend to use the Rancher class a sort of fast and heavy hitter, running into enemies and blasting them before they can get away.

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